F-25 & F-45 SEAT's

2500 litre or 4500 litre Single Engine Air Tankers

Available to government agencies on our new EUPAYG hire program



Exclusive Use / Pay-As-You-Go (EUPAYG)

Exclusive Use / Pay As You Go

  • We provide fire-fighting aircraft for exclusive use, available to use 365 days a year

  • We support the aircraft nose-to-tail including engineering / spares etc 

  • You provide pilots and fuel (we can also provide pilots)

  • Fire-fighting or training; you only pay as you go! 

Wildfires are devastating to property and the environment.  They are increasing in frequency and duration in known high-risk regions, and now occurring in countries and regions that have historically been considered low risk.   


There is an increasing global requirement for dedicated aerial fire suppression and containment.  The assets and infrastructure required for fire containment can be difficult to predict, especially as no-one knows how bad the fire season will be year by year, and no one knows how long the fire season will last or when it will start and end.


However what we do know is that when you need fire-fighting aircraft, you need them immediately. Governments and fire protection agencies can no longer wait till the fires are out of control or have caused fatalities before they act.


We have developed a specific hire program for governments that require aerial suppression capability and equipment, but lack the budgets to be able to commit to tendering for a fleet of aircraft that may sit idle for several months of the year.


Exclusive use hire agreements between 30 to 180+ days per annum (rates vary).

Minimum utilisation of 30 days hire per annum - (excl training flights).

Hire term is 120 months.

Training rate is a % of hire day rate.  

Engine / airframe reserves $ per hour apply for all flying  




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F-25 (Type 4)

2500kg liquid payload - full hot & high

PT6A-140A Engine

Garmin G600 Flight Deck

New Lightweight Firegate

CAA/CASA/FAA Certification 2020

Restricted Category


F-45 (Type 3)

4500kg liquid payload - full hot & high

PT6A-67F Engine

Garmin G600 Flight Deck

New Lightweight Firegate

CAA/CASA/FAA Certification 2024

Restricted Category



15,000kg liquid payload - full hot and high

CFM-56 Engines

New firegate / tank system

NVG /EVS Night Capability 

Only available on EUPAYG program

Europe / South America / Australia


 About Us 

Firecatcher aircraft has been created by fusing three very experienced organisations together in an alliance partnership:


Pacific Aerospace of Hamilton - New Zealand: CAA/CASA/FAA aircraft manufacturer

Flight Structures of Hamilton - New Zealand: CAA/CASA/FAA aircraft design authority  

Arcus Fire: Innovators in aviation wildfire technology, equipment, supply, management, operation and financial operating programs





Notes on Aircraft Development from Restricted to Standard (2024+)

  • The F-25 & F-45 are built and certified in the restricted category specifically for Aerial Firefighting. F-45 c/n 001 Production prototype in build!

  • The F-45 when certified in the Standard category has also been designed to accommodate 3 x LD3 cargo containers carrying a 5500lb cargo on a 250nm sector for 0.27 $ per 100lb per nm

  • The F-45 in passenger configuration will carry 19 passengers with full standing headroom with a cabin volume of 863 ft³

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Licensed Production Opportunities:

If you are interested in licensed production of the F-45 in either the restricted or standard category please contact us using the website. 

Or call us on: UK +44 203 637 6007 or USA +1 833 818 8082


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DBA Firecatcher Aircraft

71-75 Shelton Street




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